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    Default Re: Wheel fell off

    Quote Originally Posted by Deere Dude View Post
    Bummer. Just curious, do you have loaded tires or a hefty ballast box on your tractor?

    I was told, not having those puts an undue stress on front end axles.
    I'm not understanding how loaded front tires can put undue stress on the axle. The axle rests on the tire, not suspending the weight of them.
    Let your tools do the work.

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    Default Re: Wheel fell off

    Quote Originally Posted by nickel plate View Post
    I'm not understanding how loaded front tires can put undue stress on the axle. The axle rests on the tire, not suspending the weight of them.
    No. You are right. Loaded fronts don't put any weight on the front axle. All the weight sits on the ground. I was talking about loaded rears. Loaded rears and a ballast box and sometimes wheel weights are needed for stability and also so most of the torquing is done with the rears beefy axle and tires.
    For a little digging or a little pushing, it probably doesn't matter much, but for pouring the coals to it, the rear end has to have a lot of weight. One of the effects of not doing that, I hear, is front axle failure.

    If all it costs is $150 to fix it and a little oil, it's probably not that important, but if the front end cost $1500 to fix it, I would do it.

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    Default Re: Wheel fell off

    Sorry for taking so long to reply back with the final result. It was exactly as was said, a broken axle. I was sent a new axle, 2 new bearings, a gasket, and 2 seals from Affordable tractor in Texas, total $210 with shipping and the tax I had to pay at the border into Canada. After a couple of hours, unfortunately way back into the bush where I had to backpack my tools into, I was able to get it all back together and seems to be working great. Thanks for the input and help. Again, I apologize if I was a little defensive in some of the posts above. If I knew how to put in a winky face, which was the beginning of my defensiveness, I would.

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    Default Re: Wheel fell off

    semi colon closed paranthesis (spelling? )

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    Glad it worked out for a reasonable price! And thanks for following up with the results.

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