The farm I work on has a New Holland TC30 that just quit in mid-field while tillling. Nothing worked - no lights, turn signals, instrument panel lights and it wouldn't crank, click or anything. I called our dealer and got a lot of suggestions, but nothing that helped. I'm not particularly mechanically inclined, but pretty much figured it out on my own and would like to share what I learned because it would've been a big help to me. There is what's called a fuseable link wire that runs from the solenoid/starter post (where the positive battery cable is connected) to the wiring harness. From the outside, this short wire (about six or so inches long) looked perfectly fine, practically new. But it turns out that it was fried on the inside. I pulled it from tractor and tested it with a multimeter. Didn't have a spare fuseable link wire laying around, so I spliced/rigged up a temporary wire and hooked it back up. Bingo, I turned the ignition and the instrument panel lit up like a Christmas tree and she turned right over. So if anyone has this problem, check for the fuseable link wire. Hope this helps. It would have really helped me. I have no clue why the dealer people never so much as mentioned this.