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    Default Engage PTO = Engine Dies

    Hi All.

    I have a 2006 MTD (Model # 13BN771G729) with a 17.5 I/C OHV B&S (Model # 31X707) that has sat for the last 2 years.

    I recently got it out of the garage and replaced the battery, fuel filter, spark plug, 93 octane gas and rebuilt the carburetor (Nikki). At 1st the engine was not getting fuel but, I troubleshot this to the 釘ackfire solenoid that is on the bottom of the carburetor bowl. The solenoid functions but, it does not travel enough (when the key is on) to completely dislodge from the bottom of the carburetor float hence, starving the engine of gas. If I back the solenoid out roughly 3 turns the engine fires up and runs like a top.

    Now the issue I removed the solenoid and placed a bolt in the bottom of the carburetor bowl. Runs great! I plan to ultimately replace the solenoid. When I engage the mower blades the engine dies if I slowly engage the blade they will begin to turn and I can eventually get them going at full power I put it in gear and the engine dies if I begin to drive. It is almost as if the motor is not running at the proper RPM to turn the blades and/or the axel.

    I am unsure what this is related to but, I am thinking that possibly the 釘ackfire solenoid does more than I think and/or I messed up the throttle linkage when I was rebuilding the carburetor (ie. throttle assembly on engine, linkage and/or spring that connects to carburetor, etc.).

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Engage PTO = Engine Dies

    I had a similar problem with my John Deere x549' turned out it was the ethanol in the fuel, it had sat over the winter. Only way to get pto engaged was to apply the choke while I did so. Ran three tanks of Super Unleaded and a bottle of STP gas treatment through it and it went away. Put stabil in my fuel ever since.
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    Default Re: Engage PTO = Engine Dies

    You may want to check the compression in both cylinders one sounds very weak.

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    Default Re: Engage PTO = Engine Dies

    It sounds like what I am working against with myNew Holland GT22. My problem is electrical in nature. Or at least I should say the motor runs perfectly but when the PTO is engaged a 10 amp safety kill fuse blows and kills the mower.

    Have you had any luck?

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    Default Re: Engage PTO = Engine Dies

    Yes. My clutch was totally fried.

    Replace the fuse. Then unplus the wire leading to the electric PTO clutch (the plug is about 12" away from the clutch, which is attached to the crankshaft)

    Then start the motor and engage the PTO switch. If the engine does not die than it is the clutch gone bad. $523 part!!

    It was remarkably easy to remove. Knowing this now, I did not need to take the machine appart as far as I did. Simply remove the grill, battery and as much shielding as necessary to access the drive shaft bolt. Place your monster sized spanner on the locking cam and unbolt with a 5/8" breaker bar. The clutch comes off in one piece except for mine which fell to pieces since it is busted up. Looks like the magnet colapsed and sheared off inside.

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