I am working on a kubota L2900. The seal for the pto is leaking, very bad.
We have never used the mid pto, shaft hasnt spun in years. Well until Friday that is, operator thought he was pulling 4wd lever accidently turned on mid pto shaft spun all afternoon as he bush hogged. when he parked it in the shed we lost all fluid over night! Luckily he saw the oil stain and waited on me to get there aned check it out. I have the part ordered from local dealer, but am wondering if any one has replaced one? It is hard to tell if I have to disassemble the whole part, to get clearance, or if I can just get seal out with out taking anything apart, I should be able to tell when I get part in hand, but sometimes I try and "out think myself" as my old grand pappy used to say. is it really as simple as prying old seal off then using wood block or socket to gently press new one on ? This is the front facing mid pto right under transmission.