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    Default 345 Hard Starting

    Hello All, Chuck De, new poster here. You may have a difficult to start problem like I had.

    I just bought a used Deere 345 S/N 345A020XXX (1996 I believe). Previous owner said it had been hard to start for the past 14 years (he bought it used). I found the choke to be seriously stuck open (would not choke). Freed and adjusted the choke,,, it started a little better.

    Then I replaced the Module, Interlock (ignition switch and associated circuit board). It started so fast (easily) it scared me. I don't believe the starter turned it over even one complete revolution and it fired right up. Of course I immediately had to pull the throttle back disengaging the choke. It immediately ran great,,,, as I assumed the Kawasaki FD590V would be capable of.

    The new Module, Interlock P/N AM124137, I believe really made the difference. The new AM124137 replaces the original AM119999. My new ignition switch checks (ohm checks) better than the old switch. But, I believe the real big difference is a "large" (relative term) electrolytic capacitor that has been added to the AM124137 module circuit board.

    I have not checked yet, but suspect the capacitor is in the 12 V line to help hold-up voltage (higher, like 14.7V, is better) to the ignition coils. It's about a $92 fix,,,, but I think it's worth every penny. Maybe if you take your machine in and complain of hard starting, you'll get a new Module, Interlock for free? Yeah! Keep dreaming! Best regards, Chuck De (a happy 345 owner)

    If you have some electronics repair experience you may want to add the capacitor yourself (to your old board),,, it's 2200 uF 35V. If that sounds like Greek to you, this "add cap' to old board" option is not for you. Please let us know if any of this helps. Chuck
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