I have an JCB 1400B Extendahoe with a Perkins 4.236 engine and a shuttle reverser trans. Machine # 317927/7. Two questions. First the machine buzzes momentarily when put into reverse, fluid changed filter cleaned no apparent problems or slipping, any ideas about the buzz, its done it for a while. Second just lately the clutch stopped working, you push it in and it does not disengage the trans the machine will continue in forward or reverse and you cannot shift the while moving any more, the rod is moving in and out of the trans, so the linkage is working. I have a shop manual for the machine but I do not have a set of gauges to check the pressures for the first issue and for the second issue the book has nothing about it. If anybody has a diagnosis, I can fix just about about anything but a broken heart, any help would be appreciated since money is tight. Thanks in advance for any help.