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    Default What do I have and how do I fix it!!

    I know it's a strange title, but I was just given a Zen Noh tractor from my brother. I searched threads on this site and some say it's a kubota and others say it's a Yanmar. That's no issue either way as long as it's running. I went to pick it up and the left brake pedal had no give. Stiff!! Started pulling the tractor out and the left tire was locked solid. Couldn't force it to turn. I noticed the brake pedal being stiff and took a hammer and tapped the shaft that comes off the left brake housing. It never budged. Before I dissabsemble the left brake housing, I was hoping to get some feedback from you all as to what I should be looking for and possible solutions to a "frozen" brake. Not sure of the model. Never did see an ID tag other than a sticker under the hood with all writing in Japanese. My brother said it's a 20hp, 3 cylinder diesel and it looks to be in good shape. He parked it 2 years ago when it wouldn't crank. I'll deal with that part later. First, just trying to get it to roll so I can load it on a trailer. Any ideas what might cause the brake to lock up and solutions to fix it? Thanks all, Brad

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    Default Re: What do I have and how do I fix it!!

    zen noh is a farming coop name. was common to get custom branded tractors when they ordered them... so yeah.. COULD be a yamar.. etc.. etc.

    post pics.

    hmm.. stuck brake pedal.. stuck wheel..

    I'd look to see if there is a bushing the shaft goes thru and lube it with a penetrant oil like pb blaster, adn then use a rubber hammer to beat on it.. etc..

    ps.. most mechanical, drum, self energizing tractor brakes work the least, in reverse.

    also.. if it has an adjuster.. like a common star wheel.. just back it off all the way...

    post pics.. they will help....

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    Default Re: What do I have and how do I fix it!!

    The engine will have a data plate on it somewhere, with at least its manufacturer and model. That will give some clues.

    Having said that, most of the machines of that type are all about the same. Pull the outer cover where the brake housing mounts. A bonk or two with a rubber mallet may be needed, but don't get too zealous: some are made of aluminum. Once in, the brakes are pretty basic drums. Pull the shoes, don't breathe the dust, etc. The pivot will usually be rusted about immovably to the cover.

    Get it out and polish the corroded surfaces with sandpaper or a wire brush or whatever you have. (I like a 20 gauge stainless steel shotgun brush) The shoes generally are reversible and able to be flipped upside down, too. If wear is evident, you may as well do that now. Lightly grease the pivot shaft and o-rings, and put a dab on any other appropriate spots.

    Reassemble and it should be fine for another 30 years.

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