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    Default Re: Fix it or throw it???

    Quote Originally Posted by Neo View Post
    Curiosity got to me so I ended up getting the engine out and opening it up.

    The Con rod and 80% of the piston have been chewed up and the cam shaft has had clean break right near the drive pinion. The 2nd con rod has taken some knocks but apart from that I was surprised it wasn't worse.

    Theres no scores on the crankshaft or the cylinder but to rebuild this engine for a sensible figure (compared Tia new engine) I'd have to use 2nd hand parts and new rings..... but would it last if I did that?... Any thoughts on that gents?

    All the best.
    If you can get a new engine, with the same bolt pattern, new might be your best bet. Without being there with a micrometer, that's the best answer I can give.

    Just too many unkowns to give a definative response, sorry.

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    Default Re: Fix it or throw it???

    I have found that looks are very deceiving when looking at an engine rebuild. One cylinder had a scratch one could almost catch a fingernail on. The engine was bored 30 thousands prior. With new wear and the scratch it had to go a minimum of 80 thousands. To get a standard piston 20 thousands more. Big blocks have alot of metal and early 427s are hard to find. Bottom line the machine work including heads was more than double the estimate. Had it not been a specific engine for a specific purpose replacement would have been less costly. Inside micrometers tell a more accurate assesment.

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    Hi there,

    Just my

    Depends what your time is worth to you.

    Chances are it will run again for potentially very little money. Micrometers and new parts will make an engine run perfectly. Does it need to run perfectly?
    Plenty of engines out there that have been built out of scrap parts but are still capable of good work.
    Personally, Id buy/borrow/steal 2nd hand bits and throw it together.
    If it works, tell everyone you're a genius.
    If not, give the parts you stole/borrowed back and ring the scrap dealer. Scrap is still worth money

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