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    Default LA 145 problems (starting)

    Hi ,
    I bought a JD LA 145 in 2009. So far in 70 hrs I've replaced the blades and part of the assembly that suspends the deck. It fell apart while mowing my lawn.
    My main problem with the machine is that the starter will not turn over the engine. Since the day I brought it home from Home Depot it has not started cold or hot once. I have to turn the engine past tdc on a compression stroke and then it always starts.
    I took it to a JD dealer and they told me they would set the exhaust valves tighter so it would bleed of some of the cylinder pressure. I told them the exhaust valves would burn and I did not agree to have this done. John Deere has been absolutely no help. They told me there was nothing wrong with the tractor.
    I have heard that 2010 models have a compression release on one valve that aids in starting.
    Does anybody know if there is a kit that can be fitted to my machine. Once started it does a good job of the grass and it burns about half the fuel of my old Roper tractor. Thanks a lot guys.

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    Default Re: LA 145 problems (starting)

    I have an LA145 I bought in 2008 and have 150 hours. I had to replace the battery that came with it last year, but otherwise, the starter spins the engine over really well. It's never been slow except with the weak battery. I wish you good luck with the dealer, but I think he's blowin' smoke. I agree that adjusting any valve to leak is a big mistake. I'd be writing a letter to John Deere about that bit of bad advice. You should not be having these problems.

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