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    Default Front axle seal replacement

    Any one done a front seal replacement on a Massey Ferguson 1240 4 wheel drive?

    I have attached the picture and the seal that is leaking is part #17. This looks to be a pretty simple job. 4 bolts to take the joint apart and then probably replace the bushings, and seals. Bolt back together and fill with fluid..

    Any issues I might run into? Maybe reasons I should have the shop do it? I know the seal I need to replace is about $90 and the shop tells me 3 hours of labor, but they have never done this tractor.... I don't think the bottom bearing needs replacement (does not feel rough)..

    Any suggestions? Is this harder than it looks?

    Thanks for any help in advance!

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    Default Re: Front axle seal replacement

    So I asked some others I know and I think the bushings would be the hard part of this.... I don't really have any tools to install them or remove them. I wonder if they are pressed on? One other thought was that it did not leak much until I lifted the front wheels off the ground.. Maybe just the bushing and seal on top are worn out??

    Any help out there? Anyone done this type of job on a different tractor? Was it too hard?

    Thanks in advance!


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