While bushhogging in high grass, I hit a hidden stump and stalled the tractor. I must have tugged on the wiring harness to the rear of the tractor because When I went to restart it, pto out, in neutral, it wouldn't crank. I noticed that all the wires had come out the 6 way electrical plug connector under the deck cowling near the hand brake and pto lever on the tn65. Sodder on little wires pulled out of connector. by trial and error I managed to get one double blue wire back in one hole and the tractor started, finished the job and got home. Can you tell me the correct color match up for this 6 hole connector?. Only black wire coming and going thru connector. All other wires are different colors from those still intact on other side of plug. Other colors are single yellow, one pair of yellows tied together, other blues, and one white. Green, red, and tan the intact side. Didn't see any diagram online. Does anyone have one? Only 5 of 6 pins of the connector are used. I intend to jump the electrical connector since the wires won't stay in the old one any more.