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    Default MF 124 knotters

    Can anyone advise if you can buy reman. knotters for a MF 124? i bought this used, we ran hay thru it sitting still and both sides tied fine, took it to the field Staurday and spent 2 1/2 trying to get the left side to tie and release the knot.
    I figure it would be easier for me to replace them if I can find remanufactured ones? your thoughts?

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    Default Re: MF 124 knotters

    I would also like to know if remanufactured knitters are an option. I'm looking into buying the individual parts to rebuild mine this winter.

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    Default Re: MF 124 knotters

    If the knot being formed isn't being wiped off of the billhook, bend the wiper arm so that it is in tight contact with the billhook foot. Its that easy. I use a Crescent wrench to grab the wiper arm and another one on the first wrench to give me a 90 degree twist to it.

    This is a simple procedure best done with the knotter frame unbolted and rolled up to get access to the wiper arm.
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