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    Default jd 950 Power Steering not working

    Hi Guy's, thanks for all the great threads I have already read, now to see if I can get some information I could not find otherwise.

    I have a late model 950 with power steering and FEL and when i got it recently the power steering cylinder fell out of the link, so instead of spending $100 I re-tapped with link with a helicoil and also re-threaded the end of the cylinder with a die. It now a good strong connection again but while working with it i undid the hoses connecting to the cylinder so they would be out of my way, on of them had come loose and I thought I might have broken it so i just undid them both so that it would stop squirting fluid.

    So i put it all back together just as it says int he service manual and well, it just does not have any power to move the wheels while its stopped, which it could before. when I drive it turns easily but that would be true with out PS so it basically like I am running a tractor without PS. I tried unhooking both the cables and making sure that it was all squirting fluid and indeed it did. but when i once again hook it back up, no deal. With it unhooked I can push the cylinder in and it squirts out fluid so it's obviously getting fluid.

    Any help would be much appreciated. I didn't have it apart much so i don't think that there any crud in the rest of the system. and I know it's full of fluid.

    Thanks, Shelby

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    Default Re: jd 950 Power Steering not working

    I suspect that you have air in the valve, so you will need to operate
    the steering full left and right numerous times to get it
    working correctly. Otherwise, there is no special air bleed procedure.

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