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    Default Massey ferguson 1240 engine problem

    Hi all,

    Had a pretty bad day yesterday with my MF 1240. Doing some loader work and suddenly the tractor started to make a noise like something was stuck in the fan. I shut it down right away and took a look.. Nothing in there so I started it again and found the noise is coming from the engine... It still runs good except it sounds like it is going to tear itself apart when shut off (and sounds bad when running). Of course I have only run it for a few seconds sense this happened. I was able to get it on the trailer and to the dealer and they did not thing it was going to be good. First thoughts is that it might be a bearing or a push rod... Basically we are probably looking at an engine rebuild... They are going to take the pan off on Tuesday and take a look to see if we can figure out the issue. The engine does have oil in it and had shown no signs of any issues.

    The initial thought from them is it is going to be cost prohibitive to fix (over 5k for labor alone). The parts are not cheap either. Just a crank for this tractor is 2500... They did look quickly for a reman engine or crate engine and did not seem to have anything for Massey (iseki engine) tractors.
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    The tractor only has 1700 hours on it and I have only had it two years. It is a nice compact that has about 30 hp.. The rest of it is in pretty good shape and I only payed 5500 for it with a backhoe (had 1500 hours on it when I bought it).

    Anyone have any thoughts? Should I try to fix it? Maybe someone has a lead on parts for this tractor... Is it worth anything to sell? I think spending some money on it is worth it but not more than the tractor is worth. Anyone have any good contacts in the NW that might fix something like this for a good price?

    This really sucks and I am just trying to figure out what to do. Maybe it's a good time to start tractor shopping, even if I can afford it.....
    I will update this thread after they work on it next week...

    Thanks in advance for anyone's help!


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    Default Re: Massey ferguson 1240 engine problem

    Send TBN member Bruce1966us a PM or call bruce Laten 931-492-0316. He has a low hour used E3CC engine....a little less HP but should drop right in Iseki Diesel Engine 26HP Massey 1230 1240 1250 1260 | eBay . I'm pretty sure he had a couple of new 1240 crate engines for about $2500 several months ago, may get lucky and he still has one.

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    Default Re: Massey ferguson 1240 engine problem

    Thanks Darryl,

    I have contacted Bruce... One questions is, will the 1250 engine fit the 1240 tractor... I think the answer is yes and Bruce is very good about helping me figure it out.. Just would like to be sure... I have some calls into the dealers but no one knows yet..



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    Default Re: Massey ferguson 1240 engine problem


    Just for everyone's benefit I thought I would give an update on this thread... Maybe it will help someone else not make my mistake...

    On last Friday I took the tractor to the place I wanted to install the engine (different than the original place). Well when unloading the tractor I had to crank the engine to raise the loader.. Of course it started and ran just like normal??? I could not believe it! We unloaded it and started and stopped it a couple of times, no problem... The place I took it said they would take a more detailed look on Monday to see if they could figure out the issue... Well Monday comes around and they got it to make the noise again, and isolated it to the clutch area. After breaking the tractor they found the backing plate for the clutch was loose and there was a bolt hitting the flywheel....

    So we decided to order a new clutch to fix the issue, makes sense... The engine runs like a top still!

    The bad part is that I had already ordered the engine! :^( I was going to just upgrade the engine (more HP) but they shop said it was way more work then worth it if your old engine worked this well.... Well at least Bruce will let me send it back but I am not sure what the shipping is going to be yet (hopefully not too much).

    So I am going to be out the $200 to ship and engine here and $??? to ship it back.. I am going to call this my stupid tax... So make sure you don't jump to conclusions too quickly when having your tractor looked at, sometimes it is not as bad as it sounds!!!


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