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    Default Engine trouble 69 ford 3000 GAS ENGINE

    New to the forums here...just wanted to say hi first.

    So here's the deal. My father-in-law has a 69 ford 3000 and for the most part it's not a bad tractor. It does however have an ongoing's fouling the plug on the fwd most cylinder. A buddy helped him out and determined that the piston rings were gummed up with carbon and they weren't sealing. To cut down on the blow by, his buddy told him to dump some liquid wrench down the cylinder to break loose the rings. He did it, changed the plug and it seemed to be better, at least for a little while. He's now been through the process a few times, a handful of plugs and recruited me to help out.

    After giving me the "run-down" I had a few questions for him. (keep in mind that my pop-in-law is blind so troubleshooting is sometimes a chore)

    1. What was the compression in each cyl?
    a. no compression test was done

    2. Has he checked the coil?
    a. no

    3. I can't remember the third question I asked

    If the compression is low on that cyl it's limited (for the most part) to the rings or valves. If the rings are shot (or locked up as his buddy thinks) is there any way to help them out (short of replacing them)? I heard once about a cap that screws into the cyl and blocks the plug from oil blow by. Do you think that is an option? If the compression is good, what else could it be...the coil? Does it have a coil for each cyl or one for the entire engine? What about the distributor?

    Anyway, I'm pretty mechanically inclinded, but I'm not a tractor expert. If anyone has some ideas or some past experience with this problem please let me know. Also, he lives about 4 hours from me so access is kinda limited to a trip every few months. If I lived closer I'd just rebuild the engine for him, but it's not really an option.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Default Re: Engine trouble 69 ford 3000 GAS ENGINE

    Jammasterjay Welcome to the group. Now for your tractor to have one plug to foul I would look 1st is there a spark from the plug wire. to ground. then a compression check if low then remove head and look for bad oil ring on piston. If cyl looks like over oiled maybe time to rebuild engine.

    Would this The Rock be LR
    I live north near Clinton

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    Default Re: Engine trouble 69 ford 3000 GAS ENGINE

    Looking the plug over well will tell the story, carbon and oil residue would mean it is fouled because that cyl. is burning oil. It's not an uncommon thing to happen in industrial engines. If the tractor is used regularly I doubt it is stuck rings. Being a 69, I would think it's ready for rebuild.

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    Default Re: Engine trouble 69 ford 3000 GAS ENGINE

    You need to buy anti-fouler for it. That's what you are trying to describe.
    They look like the metal part of the plug, you screw them in then screw the plug into it and it keeps the tip of the plug out of the oil.
    They do work and i have used them in the past.
    Should still be avalible at NAPA or other auto stores.

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    Default Re: Engine trouble 69 ford 3000 GAS ENGINE

    You would be better off removing the piston(s) and doing the job right, but you have to find time.
    If only farmers would look after they're tractor's, I wouldn't have to repair them so often..!

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