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    Default 3 point hitch lift not working - 67 Ford 3000

    I have a 1967 Ford 3000 Diesel Tractor - the 3 point hitch hydraulic lift does not work - I removed the lift cover and found that both suction and return line filter screens needed cleaning, the suction filter was really clogged with sludge. I visually inspected all accessable components and reassembled, installing new o-ring seals where indicated. The lift still doesn't work. I did a pump pressure test as prescribed by the manuel and pump pressure was above 2500 psi. Any ideas on what to check next??

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    Default Re: 3 point hitch lift not working - 67 Ford 3000

    sometimes there is a bolt that needs to be loosened to relieve air (bleeder, kind of like on brakes), not sure if this is the case for your particular tractor, I'm sure someone will know more.

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    Default Re: 3 point hitch lift not working - 67 Ford 3000

    this thread is a bit old but saw it in a search and thought of two things it could be based on my recent work on my 69 3400 3ph hydraulics:

    - any chance the lift arm to lift piston shaft ("dogbone") fell down as you were installing the lift cover? If it did, things could be working properly, but the arms would never raise. I think the arms have to be kept in the down position during installation to prevent this, so if you were using them to help grip it and get the cover back into position it could have slipped out and rotated down.

    - did you check all the position and draft control linkage and remove and inspect the check and unload valves? I have read that the unload valve o-ring is a common cause of problems on these tractors. If the check valve was way out of adjustment I believe it could prevent fluid from getting in the port that allows the lift cylinder to fill.

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