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    1995 Massey Ferguson 1250

    Default 1995 MF 1250

    I purchased this tractor about a month ago. This is the third time I have used it. No problems before. I was doing some loader work and the temperature gauge was in the red after about 20 minutes of work. It have checked the radiator level and it is fine. Any other places to strat checking or is this normal. I live in the desert area of Southern California, with the temperaure always over 108 durind the summer. Any help? Thanks.

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    The two most obvious checks are fan belt tension and radiator airflow. If you can turn the fan blade by hand without turning the engine, the fan belt is slipping enough to allow the fan blade to operate at a reduced speed when the engine is running under load. This means reduced air flow and lower water pump RPM. Check for debris in the radiator fins. This requires more than a simple visual check. I suggest you remove both engine side panels, the battery and the bug screen in front of the radiator. Move the air filter assembly as far out of the way as possible, and blow compressed air through the radiator fins from front to rear. You will be amazed at the amount of dust, lint, grass seed and general debris that comes out. I have spent twenty to forty minutes doing this very thing on any number of tractors after the owners have stated they've "blown out the radiator and it still overheats!"

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