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    Default K46 Rebuild - Still having issues

    Good morning. It's my honor to be the newest member to While mowing with my 2007 JD X300 (actually when I was repositioning the tractor) last weekend I completely lost forward, reverse and parking brake. Not really confident that I had the same problem as others who went with the K46 rebuild, I gave it a shot anyway, following the instructions found on this site. I figured, what the heck, it seems to have working for almost everyone else who tried the rebuild, and it probably won't be a complete waste of money either way.

    What was unique about my problems, compared to all others who attempted the rebuild, was that I lost all transaxle responsiveness immediately. I didn't notice a loss of power...the unit was whiny and underpowered to begin with. My biggest reason to doubt that a rebuild would fix the issue is because of the immediate loss of F, R and brake and I could push the tractor with the brake engaged, as opposed to the gradual loss of power reported by all others.

    I have a bad habit of replacing unneeded parts, to substitute for my lack of mechanical troubleshooting skills. I am into this for $180 already. Seeing that I have no brake, I have to assume the failure is within the gears, somewhere after the disk that engages the brake. I didn't see any excessive ware on the gears but you can hear the gears within the transaxle grinding (operating the unit on jacks, the wheels will turn until you apply a small amount of pressure. They are easily stopped and that's when you can hear the grinding. I am assuming I've got issues around #10, 12 and 13 on attached image. Looking for some feedback from the experts on this before I go replacing more unnecessary parts. K46 Rebuild - Still having issues-oe-055-jpg

    Thanks so much for your help.

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    Default Re: K46 Rebuild - Still having issues

    Charles, it does sound like the gears on the differential side have failed. I imagine if you examine the cogs & teeth closely, you find gears where teeth are sheared off. Replacement parts can be purchased directly from Tuff Torq online cheaper than through John Deere. Good luck.

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