I have a 4x4 New Holland TT60A, with a front end loader. When bush hogging the other day I got into a log and ripped 2 of the hydraulic hoses. On the way out of the field the tractor started bogging down and wanting to cut off. I barley got it out of the field when I decided to cut it off. The next day I replaced the hoses and drove the tractor back to the shed. I replaced the fuel filter thinking maybe it was a fuel issue. I bled the air out of the line with the bleed screw above the filter. The tractor still hardly runs. It will start up fine but the longer it runs the worse it gets. Before I pay a huge fee to have the tractor hauled to the dealer (out of warranty) I was wondering if anyone had any ideas. It may be related to the hydraulic hoses or it may be anything. None of my buddies agree on anything it could be, and are intimidated by the newer tractors. Thanks in advance.