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    Default Ford 8N rear rebuild questions

    The paint is finally dry so its time to put the rear end back together. I tried to keep it all in order but over time and with painting it all got mixed up. When I took it apart I found it was missing seals and gaskets (no wonder it leaked so bad). I have been looking at the shop manual and parts catalog trying to figure out where everything goes. My serial # is 339764

    I purchased this seal kit for it (stole this picture from ebay) and not sure where it all goes. I did not have any of these except the seals/retainers. I think the gaskets are listed as 4225 in the catalog. Does that sound right and where do the corks go? I guess they are rubber now not corks and should be part # 4284.

    I had metal gaskets behind (or maybe they were in front of) the backing plate. I do not see them in any diagram. Should these really have been paper type gaskets? Looks like they sell the shims as a replace meant for the 4229 gaskets and shims now?

    Thanks for any input on this. I am sure I will have a bunch more questions as I put this together. I am a bit concerned about getting the shims correct for end play

    EDIT: I got it back together.
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