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    Default Magnets in Transmission Suction Screen - JD 2305

    I'm doing the first transmission oil and filter change on a John Deere 2305 and I've never done a tractor before.

    Inside the cylindrical transmission suction screen, there are 4 bar magnets - each about 3/16 x 3/16 x 3 inches. When I took the magnets out, they were all clumped together instead of being evenly distributed around the cylinder.

    The polarity is such that reversing one magnet end-for-end does not help. When any two are brought together, one will rotate on the long axis and they are strongly attracted to each other.

    Anyone know if there is a way to keep the magnets separated?

    BTW - I had a hard time getting the retainer cap that holds the transmission screen out of it's socket. It is supposed to be held only by two o-rings after the end clamp is removed, but it was also held by paint that seeped into the gap.

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    I have the same issues as you each time I change the fluids. Now I just try to keep the magnets apart until I put it in even though they are always back together the next time. For me, that cap never got any easier. Maybe someone else on here knows a trick. Good luck

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