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    Default Agco tractor keeps burning up fuel shutoff soleniod

    I have checked everything I found in wiring diagram that ties into soleniod.The soleniod has 3 wires that plug to it.2hot wires & 1ground , but the funny thing is the 2 hot wires tie together just before they get to the soleniod.10 seconds after the tractor started the soleniod is to hot to touch

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    Default Re: Agco tractor keeps burning up fuel shutoff soleniod

    If it is a sealed unit, just get you a new one. If you can take it apart, you will probably find some crud or rust keeping the 'armature' from fully seating when it is energized. That's usually what makes them hot. They draw a lot of current when they are trying to pull in and seat the armature, just like any coil or relay.. Good luck.... Jerry
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    Default Re: Agco tractor keeps burning up fuel shutoff soleniod

    The 2 hot wires indicate that it is a 2 coil solenoid , internally a larger coil gives it the power to pull the actuator rod in and then a smaller coil holds it, I have no way to tell you which hot is which but the stronger one should be powered only when the key is in "start" and the other one powered by "run", tying the wires together so they are both constant "run" powered will burn out the solenoid. Does the original wiring diagram indicate them tied together ?


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    Default Re: Agco tractor keeps burning up fuel shutoff soleniod

    I'm with ptg on this. On JD they automatically reduce the voltage after a short time lapse. Common problem with them is that they don't get full voltage due to electronic failure and don't pull in.

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    Default Re: Agco tractor keeps burning up fuel shutoff soleniod

    just went through this on a truck engine and found that they had a inline resistor that was burnt out and found that the solenoid had never actually failed all problem was in resistor

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