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    Default John Deere 2350 Float Control Issues

    Hi all, new to TBN here.

    I have a 1980s John Deere 2350 w/Front End Loader.

    I seem to have a problem with my three point hitch system that I wonder if someone could diagnose.

    First of all, on the actual height adjustment lever, true neutral position is about 20 degrees above where the sticker says it is, meaning that there is no felt detent to put the implement at a fixed height.

    Second, when I am field mowing, occasionally I would look behind me and realize the mower has just raised off the ground on its own accord and is no longer touching the grass. Sometimes, I will have just hit a high piece of ground. As I understand float control, I thought the implement was supposed to go down again after hitting an obstruction, not just stay up.

    Can anyone speculate as to whether this issue is caused by the a mis-calibrated control lever that is just vibrating out of position, or a float control issue? And how to fix it?


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    Default Re: John Deere 2350 Float Control Issues

    There are not detents for height on the rockshaft lever. There should be a movable stop in the slot in the quadrant you can manually set for height. Float is the lever all the way forward. The quadrant should have a notch that you move the pin on the rockshaft lever into to hold the lever in float. In float the implement will follow the ground and usually have wheels or just rest on the ground.

    If your lever is slowly rising it could be leakage in the valve (most likely) or the friction disks on the lever pin that runs in the slot are worn out.
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