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    Default John Deere 750 with Loader and Blade

    Just purchased JD 750. No Manual came with Tractor. Would like to know how to check all fluids, oil, Hyd Fluid, etc - locations.... How often to change? Thanks!

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    Default Re: John Deere 750 with Loader and Blade

    I owned an '84 from '99-2007, great machine. If I recall correctly the dipstick was easy to find on the engine block, and the gear oil was a stick under the cap on the transmission housing. I think the front axle was just a cap and filled to the bottom of the hole, but I would confirm all that with someone who still owns one. I used to change my oil in the spring and then again in the fall. I did the gear oil at 500 hours, don't know if that was too long or not. I was able to purchase all my original manuals from Deere in 2000 for around $50 bucks with shipping. Only use the 4 wheel drive when you need it and you will get a lot more life out of your front end. Good luck.

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    Default Re: John Deere 750 with Loader and Blade

    Congratulations!!! I've owned two of those JD750 tractors, a 2whl drive and a 4whl drive, and they are very well designed machines that will give very good service and have excellent reliability. Neither of mine had loaders, so that's why I have a 790 now, plus I wanted to move up in size too.

    I'm sure the engine oil dipstick is on the side of the block, just can't remember which side. Also, I believe the transmission/hydraulic fluid dip stick is a yellow cap somewhere right around the shift lever, but again this is going by my not so good memory. I think you have to screw it out, it doesn't just pull out. The fill port for the front axle is also a yellow cap that you have to unscrew to check it. The only other thing to check on is the radiator fluid and I am sure you can figure that one out. Do get a manual for it, you will be glad you did.

    Good luck with it and hope you get great service out of it!! Oh yeah, pictures are required, or else you're just pulling our leg!!!

    Edit: I just noticed that if you go to the JD owning/operating forum there is a thread there about JD750 manuals for sale on the big "E". Might be something to think about.
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