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    Default Shibaura D28f

    I have just bought a Grey market tractor and having problems with 4WD.First when I used it things were fine then it started to pop in the front wheels and it wouldn't pull with the front axle so I just started playing with the 4WD lever and finally it started to work again.After awhile it started to pop again and then it started to grind like you was trying to shift gears without a clutch so I played with the lever again and it started to work again for a second time.The next day I was useing the tractor and it started to grind and pop again.Then it stopped working all together now all I have is a 2WD tractor.Can anyone please help me I don't know to much about tractors.This is my first tractor. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]

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    Shibaura makes the Boomer series New Hollands as well as the TC-30.
    I'm sure there's a lot of similarity unless your machine is really old. Reckon your best bet might be to talk to one of the local NH dealer mechanics. I doubt if the dealer would actually work on it, but you never know.
    Unfortunately, as a grey market tractor, you've no dealer or factory support. I'm sure you're aware of this now. Even if you can get the manuals for it, odds are they'll be in Japanese or where ever else they sell them.
    Hope the dealer mechanics can at least give you some good advice...

    In the meantime, you might get some info from this web page

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    Don't know how mechanically inclined you are, ( highly recommended when owning a gray mkt. tractor), but follow the linkage of the 4wd shift lever to where it enters the trans. housing. See if there is any bent linkage, or adjustment, or see if you can disconnect linkage and engage gears by hand. If no external problem, you probably have a bent engaging fork or linkage internally. If there is a cover plate where the mechanism enters the housing, pull it off and have a look.

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