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    Default Battery for a Yanmar 1500D

    The time has come to replace the battery in my Yanmar 1500D.

    Can I just go to Autozone or Napa or someplace and pick up a battery?

    What do I get?

    Thanks. My tractor isn't where I am and I'd like to be able to pick one up today on the way home from work so I can put it in this weekend.

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    Default Re: Battery for a Yanmar 1500D

    Yes, just take the old one in and they can size the new one from it. You need to take it anyway to get your core charge back.

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    Default Re: Battery for a Yanmar 1500D

    That's the problem. I'm not near the tractor and pass by Autozone and Napa on the way home from work. I was hoping someone would know off the top of their head what the part number for the battery is (or a suitable sub) so I can get one and return the core this weekend.

    The tractor is going up for sale to my wife's brother (thanks wife for selling it out from under me) and she wants it to run when he picks it up...

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