Have a 1982 kumatsu d31s-16 track loader and it seems to run out of pressure when I attemp to move it, The steering bakes go soft and it slips in and out of drive fwd and reverse no matter what speed I have it in. Once it warm it does not move at all. When I start it there is a whishing noise until I put in gear and then it gets quiet. Can you tell me where the filter and drain line are and how to get at them. I removed the plates at my feet but do not see a filter for the trans. There is a filter in the battery compartment but I think that is for the hydralics, am I right? I have the parts manual and the shop manual but it only lists a screen. I ordered a repair and operations manual but it has been 2 weeks and I still did not get it. If I need to get at the bottom can I drive it up on railroad timbers to get under? Thank you in advance for any assistance I am new at this but a good auto mechanic so I will tackle anything.