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    I just purchased a rough 501 sickle bar mower--7 footer. I tore it down and have all the compents working. I have look d locally but havent been able to find knives, guards and guides for the ford 501. Does anyone know where I can order these online? Also looking for a copy of an owners/shop manual. Has anyone modified their 501 to eliminate the stabilizer bar that hooks to the bottom spring that keeps the tension on the cutting bar (and keeps the cutting bar horizontal)??? Im puzzled on how ford came up with that idea?? Even if it was hooked up the lower draft arm it seems like it wouldnt do anything???? [img]/forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img] A dealer told me to take it off it was for the 8 or 9 n's?? Any help would greatly be appreciated. I made a new pitman arm one out of clear oak the other out of hemlock pine. I mowed the road bank last night with it and the pine worked fine (just didnt cut well since the knives are dull and a few guards are bent) but was concerned with my original oak one that if the mower ever got jamed or bound something on the mower would break before the pitman arm would Does anyone know what the correct wood to use is? Thanks for the help guys!! Glenn

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    any New Holland dealer in your area should be able to get you parts if they do not have them in stock all ready. The ford 501 mower was very popular in its day we still stock a lot of parts for them in the summer.

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    The part number for the knife sections is 141198 the part number for the guards is 141009, the part number for the pitman arm is 149147 I believe when we get them from New Holland they are made from hemlock but not positive about this.

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    Thanks a lot . I will do some checking on availability. Have a good one. Glenn

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    As the others have said, any NH dealer should be able to get all the parts, I even got an owners manual for $6. The blades are also the same size as for a John Deere, I bought some at the COOP and they work fine.

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