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    Default Tecumseh Engine Delimma

    Sorry if a post just like this one by me shows up. I was down to the last sentence when I hit the wrong key and all went lost.

    I have previously posted in the Parts/Repairs as well as the ?Sears Forum questions about a Sears Suburban 10 tractor with a Tecumseh engine (143-579032).
    At first, I got no spark with pull test. I stripped down the flywheel and magneto and cleared all the rust and reset all. Still no spark. As I was manipulating the spark wire it came free of its attachment to the housing of the coil. Thru the forum I tried to find a replacement for the coil but could find nothing to match the Tecumseh listing in the various parts sources on the internet. Somewhere, I got a 32014 for the coil and 32015 part number, but i can't seem to backtrack where I got these from, but in any case, nothing comes up when I web search.
    So in the meantime, I did a self repair of the coil and plug wire by cleaning the wire as well as the coil insert opening and rammed it back in and sealed the perimeter contact of the wire to the coil housing. I re installed all and lo and behold I then got spark. But then no ignition after fuel to the intake manifold or the carb.

    I then dismantled the carb and cleaned it meticulously. still no ignition. Let me digress, before I did all of the above, as I tried to pull the recoil it barely moved with the SP removed. I gave it a through RustBuster infusion as well as oil and let it set for several days. Then when I pulled the recoil. it moved freely and there seemed to be compression.

    After the carb job and still no ignition, I took a very close look into the top of the head via the SP hole and there are multiple particles of rust.

    Two Questions at this point:
    1. Since I need to remove the head now, will I ever be able to find replacement parts for this model such as head gasket, other gaskets, piston, cylinder, bearings.? And can anyone direct me to a source if need be.

    2. Since I dismantled the carb, it now leaks fuel from the underside of the bowl and I am sure I need a set of replacement gaskets. Can anyone help me identify what make and model this carb is from the attached photos? Also, if you can where can I find these gaskets if they are available?

    Again thank you for your patience...I am a pure amateur at this.
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    Default Re: Tecumseh Engine Delimma

    143.579032 - HH100 Tecumseh
    Tecumseh and Craftsman Engine Service Repair Shop Manual VH80 VH100 HH80 HH100 HH120 OH120 OH140 OH150 OH160 OH180 691462A - Download Manuals & Technical

    this might help

    gray gasket cement in a tube works for me - bead it on but keep the drips to the outside- messy stuff. Let it cure before you try it.
    Go to a local small engine guy- probably can order you a gasket kit.
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    Default Re: Tecumseh Engine Delimma

    Headgaskets on these guys are pretty forgiving and can usually be reused. A thin layer of gasket maker can get most things to stop leaking but don't use it on a headgasket. If no compression, pull the head. You'll probably find a valve stuck open from the engine sitting a long time. Work some cleaner in there to free it up if this is the case. Seeing you saw rust you may have an issue with rusty valve seats. If so, it depends on how bad it is for saving the engine.
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    Default Re: Tecumseh Engine Delimma

    There is a used coil on Ebay,up for auction,under "69 sears suburban tecumseh 10hp coil"( The only points style one on there)
    There are gaskets,points,carb kit under "HH100"
    Parts: Toro: Briggs & Stratton: MTD: Murray: Husqvarna: Poulan: Murray: Simplicity: & More. has most of the rebuild parts
    Pull the head off and check it out before you put any money into it, and check the points.
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    Default Re: Tecumseh Engine Delimma

    Couple things come to mind...

    1. spark - the coils are hard to come by and as you know they are no longer available. There is some after market solutions though. Try Ed Stollers website :Engines&Magnets and there is a Tecumseh forum on Yahoo groups that has a tons of folks who can help you. Also try Dale Colvert who created a solution for the coil: Home
    2. Parts - go to the sears website and look under parts. enter your engine part number...the 143.XXXX you can see what parts are available. Head gaskets can be reused. Google is your friend and you have to search and might need to find a junk yard for these. This one comes to mind: Tractor Joes Outdoor Power Your best bet is the Forum I mentioned before. There is a good following of the sears tractors too and they all used the tecumseh engines.
    3. The Carb - well...when you took it apart (Walbro LME) to clean it you in advertantly removed the main jet which originally was installed and then a tiny hole is drilled through the body and the jet (not exactly) but my point is that no matter what you do on reinstalltion those holes never line up and the engine will surge and never run right. you need the revised jet. Also NLA but can still be found. Good luck

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