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    Default Re: Hydraulic cylinder rod reconditioning?

    Thanks, I'll give that a try.

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    Default Re: Hydraulic cylinder rod reconditioning?

    Remove the hoses, and remove the cylinder from the tractor. Have two pans ready, one to sit under the dripping hoses, and the other to dump the fluid from the cylinder into. After removing the snap ring, use the rod itself as a slide hammer, sliding it in and rapidly pulling it out, until it hammers the gland assembly out of the cylinder. Then, put the rod back on the tractor (without the cylinder), so you can remove the nut from the end. That one is a real bugger, torqued at something like 200 ft-lb. with loktite. Be sure you have the right loktite and some spare hose o-rings on hand, before starting this project.

    One thing I never did learn is the right way to purge all the air out of the cylinder on reassembly. I think I'd have been much better off if I had manually filled the cylinder with fluid before reconnecting the hoses, as my bucket action was definitely less responsive after initially doing this rebuild. Maybe too late for me to do that now, as most of the air has probably pushed it's way thru the system.

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