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    Default John Deere 4300 all wiring schematics

    So heres the story...
    I took over a shop that has a 4300 JD sitting in the appears that the were trying to make spaghetti out of wiring for the electrical monster to eat
    lonk story short...they had an issue with the fuel shutoff solenid burning up. (i do have a new one) been reading the Forum and it looks someone has a fix to this with a type of diode or resister(idea on size)... well it appears that the last (fired) guy to work on it, though it would be a great idea to remove every single inch of wiring to just redo (like in the old days). so know i have a 10 post bar with terminals on it and a relay bar with nothing attached to the back. sitting in the original fuse area... I do have the original fuse / relay panel with all the markings... and tons of the wires

    can someone pleae advise me if he was on the right track redoing everything or should I get a schemtic and try and put back to specs.... at this point its a disaster. Any mechanic that would leave something so destroyed should be hung by the 800 feet of wire he removed

    please help

    new management about to become old management..

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    Default Re: John Deere 4300 all wiring schematics

    You will have to order he service manual from JD for detailed schematics, it only about $70 in CD format and worth every penny. Search the forum for the word "thermistor" for the most common fuel solenoid related problems.

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