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    Default adjusting clutch one e2004/mf 1030

    1) I was wondering on left side where the clutch pedal is what does that yellow decal state? (looks like something about adjusting or something?)

    2) Need info on clutch/clutch pedal adjustment

    3)i noticed my pto shaft moving everyonce in a while (1/4-1/2 turn at a time maybe normal?) when the pto lever was off maybe related to needing clutch adjustment?

    4)also have a transmission leak at the front axe u-joint area where the driveshaft comes into the front axle it's spilling trans fluid when i park on slight incline is the seal on back of trans or in front? also do you have to remove front axle to get shield/driveline off?


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    Default Re: adjusting clutch one e2004/mf 1030

    2) There will be a turnbuckle on the rod from the pedal to the clutch housing.
    3) PTO shaft will move when not in gear. You can stop it with your hand. (not recommended)
    4) Just take the pin out of the front axle and drop it down, move it slightly forward.

    I don't know about the decal.


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    Default Re: adjusting clutch one e2004/mf 1030

    If you can attach a legible photo of the decal, I'm sure you can get it interpreted. I can get it done. It's probably about latching the pedal down for storage, or depressing the pedal to enable starting, if these apply.

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