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    Default Century 3045 has no clutch

    Howdy All

    This is my first post. I have a used 2002 Century 3045 with the c-system 50 loader. I use it with a brush hog on occasion. Have only been using the tractor for a few months.... Light use mostly.

    While loading and moving dirt, I lost forward drive, and shortly afterward, I lost reverse. Reverse lasted a few seconds. There were no unusual noises at the time, and no sounds heard now when the clutch is released.

    I have a suspicion that the clutch did not wear out. I believe there is a mechanical problem somewhere in the drivetrain. Could be with the internal clutch linkage, or could be with some other area. There is no sound of a disk slipping... No grabbing. And the clutch traction has been normal up to the time of the problem.

    I have adjusted the clutch linkage from "all in" to "all out" on the adjuster just behind the pedal. I have normal clutch tension on the pedal...feels the same as always, but I have no free play at either end of the adjustment. That is puzzling. If the disk wears out, there should be more freeplay in the pedal travel.

    The tractor acts like it is in neutral all the time, although the range, tranny, pto lever and shuttle control are all engaged for traction. The clutch works with the pto as normal.... Pressing the clutch all the way down releases the pto when it is selected. Any gear, any setting, any rpm, the tractor has no drive at all.

    I pulled the starter out, there is no smell of burned clutch. The clutch pedal action is actuating the linkage all the way to the tranny housing normally.

    The shuttle control is actuating it's linkage all the way to the tranny housing normally. No sheared pins visable.

    Before I split the tractor, I have a few questions.

    What is cheapest place to find a manual on the splitting process and on the drivetrain details? The operators manual is not helping with that. Is there someone who would be willing to make a few pages available, either online or by mail ? Would be glad to cover the cost. Are there any good links online, public or private?

    This model uses a "synchroshuttle" mechanism for forward and reverse. Can anyone tell me if that system has any hydraulic parts, or is it all just mechanical? While cleaning the tractor off with a steamer, I noticed the rear hydraulic fluid level was low. I bought this used, and haven't noticed the fluid level dropping, so could that contribute to the drive problem? After refilling to the correct level, the basic problem has not changed. The loader always had full range control and still does...and the 3-point also. I did find a small split in the fluid return line from the loader control valve and repaired the leak a few days after the cleanup.

    Does anyone have suggestions on the tractor splitting process for the 3045? This one is a bit different than the older domestic tractors we have had around here before. I am aware that I will be needing to move the front half out on a floor jack, but not sure just what needs to be disconnected where.... Looking for anyone who has done it before.

    Since the specs say this model has a single dry clutch disk, and it is also described as a two stage clutch, [traction half way down, pto clutch all the way down], I would appreciate any tech info on how this actually works internally. Some older tractors with two stage clutches have a double clutch or a two disk clutch. Any help out there on that ?

    Has anyone noticed clutch problems or drivetrain problems after using a full size brush hog on these compact utility tractors? I think an overrun clutch will be installed on the pto shaft before too long. The brush hog was a recent purchase, and could have stressed something.

    I understand that the Century 3045 has a Branson counterpart.... Perhaps the Branson 4520r. There might be a Branson owner out there that has some helpful information. If anyone knows the actual Century or Branson models that share the same drivetrain with this Century, please email back.

    Any suggestions really appreciated.

    Thanks, Billy

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    Default Re: Century 3045 has no clutch

    It was the clutch after all. The PTO clutch was fine, the traction clutch was just a hairball in the bottom of the bellhousing. Oddly, there was no metal to metal damage on the pressure surfaces.

    Splitting the 3045 century takes quite a bit of time the first time you do it. Especially if you have no manual, but the folks on this forum helped a lot, especially Dave, at DavesTractors.

    Now, I have to reassemble it.

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