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    Default John Deere 790 with Dual, Clutch Frozen

    2003 John Deere 790 with 75hrs on it that was in a slight flood and sat for two years. It runs fine but the Clutch is stuck and wont go in gear. The PTO works fine with the clutch so I know that one of the clutches is free. Any suggestions of freeing up the main clutch with out splitting the tractor?

    Any help would be appreciated!


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    Default Re: John Deere 790 with Dual, Clutch Frozen

    Problem is disc rusted to flywheel. Try putting in low gear. with engine off. step on clutch and hit starter. This sometimes will break them free. Might also try, engine off put in gear, step on clutch and pull tractor. If there is as inspection hole where you can see the edge of the clutch have a helper step on clutch and try to drive something like a screwdriver between the disc and the flywheel and the disc and the pressure plate.(but of course you would never drive on a screwdriver). I hope it works for you I have an old model 15 Cat that I need to pull because nothing worked.

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