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    Default Replace steering seals 1948 Farmall C

    Replace steering seals 1948 Farmall C-dscn1988-jpgReplace steering seals 1948 Farmall C-dscn1985-jpgReplace steering seals 1948 Farmall C-dscn1987-jpg


    My Farmall C operators manual and IT shop manual do not have names or part numbers for what I need help with so please refer to attached photos. Two questions.

    The front axle is covered in oil (Photo # 3) that I am guessing leaked from the housing the axle inserts into because the housing is empty of oil (looks like it holds a quart or so of oil). In addition my guess is the seal in the housing that the steering rod connects to (photo # 2) needs to be replaced too since that is empty of oil too.

    Question # 1 Does anyone have a name and part number for these two seals so I can shop on line for replacements?

    This is what I propose to do and if some one has tackled this before let me know if it is correct.

    I will remove the tires and then front axle. Next I plan to remove the entire front bracket (photo # 1) from the engine that the front-axle inserts into. This will allow me to flip it upside down to clean it and make it easier to install new seal. Re-attach front axle, flip it up right and re-install or attach to engine (with someone helping).

    [The other reason for removing the front-bracket is to have a clear shot at removing broken crank case pulley with bearing puller and install a new pulley].

    Question # 2: look at photo # 2 where the steering rod connects in to the steering mechanism that turns the front axle. There is a cotter pin. If I remove that pin then I should be able to pull the front bracket straight away and off. Correct?

    Thanks for any advice. I am a computer guy and my Dad passed away leaving me this tractor (plus two others) and I started a simple rebuild of the head which has now turned into a major over-haul from front-to-back.


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    Default Re: Replace steering seals 1948 Farmall C

    Here is a link that should prove very beneficial to you... Case IH Agriculture and Farm Equipment

    When you open this link...

    1. Select "parts" in the top line mnu.
    2. Scroll down until you see SEARCH FOR GENUINE CASE IH ORIGINAL PARTS
    3. Below that, look for "search for parts" highllighted in red, and click on it.
    4. On the next page that appears, type in " Farmall C" in the white block where it says Model, the click on search.
    5. Below that will appear Farmall C, click on that.
    6. A menu will appear with the major components of your tractor. Select what you want. then drill down through the next menu to the particular section. For the steering bolster, look under chassis component, then drill down through the listing.
    7 Select steering mechanism, and an exploded view of the steering assy. will appear. Below is a listing of parts by description, and it's IH part number. You can copy and paste these part numbers to Google, or similar search engines, and come up with aftermarket parts.

    Or, you can go here Messick's | Dealer for New Holland, Case IH, kubota, Cub Cadet and More | Online Parts, Sales & Service. They are a sponsor here.

    Place you cursor at the to left where it says part diagrams. A manu will appear with severla brands. Select Case/IH. Then ext page that appears, you drill down through pretty much the same to find your parts. The sett thing about this is, they post the price of the part, and that is pretty well the price at all Case/IH dealers.

    You can also copy and paste your seal and bearing numbers at NAPA: NAPA AUTO PARTS - Home Be sure to hit the "interchange" block at top right. That will give you the generic number for you bearing or seal, IF they happen to carry it. Copy and paste that number to Google, or what ever you may choose, and compare shop.

    Hope this helps..!!

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    Default Re: Replace steering seals 1948 Farmall C's the deal with the bolsters on the letter/number tricyles...don't use will, as you know, leak out below..suggest you pump a bunch of grease in there and drive it. Trust me, they all do that after 50 or 60 years. As long as you put a half a tube of grease and top it off with 90W gear oil, you will be fine, sooner or later the grease will slow the leak. Don't worry, your worm gear will be fine...good luck. BobG in VA

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