We have posted our first How-To on our new, Rite-Products Wordpress Blog and thought we would share it here. It is a tutorial on changing out shafts on an Omni Gear RC-series gearbox (most commonly found on brush hogs and rotary cutters).

Any feedback is appreciated! We will be working to create a database of how-to's for common procedures, so suggestions or requests are very welcome.

To begin, you will need to remove the input assembly.
After removing the retaining bolts from the input cap, use a hammer and chisel to carefully separate the input assembly from the gearbox case.


Now, you can begin disassembling the input assembly of the gearbox by first removing the inner bearing from the end of the input shaft.

Remove both retaining rings that hold the input cap to the assembly.


Then, remove the input cap.

Now, you can remove the snap rings holding the gearing in place. Using a hammer and appropriate fixture, move the gearing as necessary in order to gain clearance.



Using a hammer (or press) and the same (or similar) fixture, carefully remove the outer bearing from the input shaft.


The input assembly should now be completely disassembled. Following the procedure in reverse with your new input shaft will yield you a ready-to-install input assembly.





With the input assembly fully rebuilt, install the assembly into the gearbox case, making sure to line up the mark on the casting of the input cover as shown.



Finally, you can install and torque the bolts that hold the input assembly in the gear case.