This is my 1st tractor clutch replacement. Bigger job than I thought so I want to know I havce the right parts before I reassemble. It's a 1998 JD 790 with dual clutch and the traction clutch started slipping a year ago and I need it soon for snow removal. All the adjustments were correct, free-play and the 3 pressure plate coupling bolts had correct play. I expected a broken spring or a worn out disk but the springs look okay, and the traction disk was at service min thickness (7.6 mm), but I don't think that should have caused slipping. So, I sent the disk to be rebuilt, and decided to replace the traction spring in case it was weak.

The spring I received in JD packaging is labeled on package with correct part no. LVU800616. However, it looks like my PTO spring, with the same number 043000 stamped on the back (should be part no. M802973). My original traction spring is stamped with 016000 and is .1 mm thicker. I'm thinking either my original springs were switched or maybe I've received a PTO spring. The new spring, even though thinner, is slightly stiffer based on my crude compression testing. The springs all "look" identical except for the small difference in thickness, but the thickest spring (my old traction spring) is the softest. I'm going to use the new spring because it's slightly stiffer even though thinner.

But, here are my questions. Does anyone know if the traction spring should be stamped 043000 on back? Does anyone know what the PTO spring has stamped on the back, 043000 or 016000? Any suggestions?

Thanks for any help.

Here's how the springs are stamped on back:
My original PTO clutch spring: -------- 043000 and 1A15 (2.65 mm thick)
My original traction clutch spring: --- 016000 and 1A15 (2.75 mm thick)
New LVU800616 traction clutch spring: - 043000 and 1B23 (2.65 mm thick)