I first posted this on the owning/operating then discovered this section. my apologies for cross posting.

I'm new to this. Just bought a B1550 with 600hrs on it. 5 years old kept in the barn all it's
life. paint still
very fresh even the undercarriage.

However it piddles hydraulic fluid from the the bottom of the left side of the rear end. In
an effort to find the source of the leak I wiped everything down and "baby powdered it" using corn starch and a turkey baster (I told you I was a newbie tractor owner). The result was not a single trail of seeping fluid or even several trails but rather rather a general area-wide dissolving of the powder as if the fluid was not
so much leaking, more like
it was being sprayed from an aerosol can. the fluid collects and drips off one of the nylon
thread protector plugs
on the bottom of the housing out near the left axle. the other strange thing is it doesn't
drip or even soak the
powder untill after it has been parked and sitting for a day or more. looks like it drips
about a tablespoon of
fluid over a period of days.

I then noticed a wet stain on the muffler which is on the left side. The whole left side of
the tractor while quite
clean looked "greasier" than the right side. Or rather the right side dirt, grass and dust
was dry whereas the
leftside dirt was greasy and sticky. I checked the hoses on the FEL and thought I found
the culprit. One of the left side
hoses looked fairly chewed up but when I brought to the dealer to make me new one he
scoffed and said it
was only the rubber outer coating and refused to take my money for new hose!! I didn't
insist rather I put it
back on and wrapped every hose in white toilet paper (remember I'm a newbie) and then
went out and bush hogged scotch broom for
3 hours. The only stain on the paper wrapping was the dark oil stain from the dipstick
when I checked
the engine oil. I've added about 12oz of fluid in not much more than 4 hours of use over
the last month.
So now I am at a loss and baffled as to where this fluid is coming from.
Any ideas, suggestions, hints, where to look or how to find source of this leak would be
most appreciated. in the attached picture the bright white spots are the dry powder. the
darker yellowish area is where the powder has soaked up the fluid the front side of the housing
is also soaked.