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    Default Shibaura SD1500A0 question

    Shibaura SD1500A0 question-agricultural-equipment-mini-tractor-shibauraHi All,

    I haven't taken the time to introduce myself, so here goes. I'm Chris, an urban homesteader in Oregon. I just brought home my first tractor, a gray market Shibaura SD1500A0 named Shiba. We've had a good time so far, digging out old railroad ties and telephone poles that were used as garden borders. In doing so we've turned a good portion of the property into mud.

    The old girl is pretty well neglected. By the looks of the fuel bowl and oil filter, I'm pretty sure it hasn't had a filter change in at least a decade. I've been trying to address some mantenence issues and restore the heavily modified rice paddy tiller to something close to factory configuration.

    My question and primary reason for this post is if someone can help me with a cross for the engine number. The number on the block is LE0802B. What I can can gather is that this is a Shibaura 2-43 engine. I have read in many places that this engine should cross to a Ford and/or New Holland machine. The closest I can find is a Ford 1300, but that doesn't seem to be an exact match. However the diference may only be in specsmanship.

    I'd post this question in the Shibaura forum but frankly, it's dead over there.

    The pic is not my tractor, but a representative example.

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    Default Re: Shibaura SD1500A0 question

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