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    Default Help with front-end loader pump

    I have an Ford 841 with a front-end loader with a vikers vane pump (I think a v20) that was "destroyed" on the shaft side (somehow came loose, made one heck of a racket).
    - There doesn't seem to be a model on the Vickers pump I can decipher - how can I see what model it was so I can get the correct replacement? I have looked on tons of websites with pictures and specs, but they do not exactly match - could be a V10 or V20 but not sure. Would it matter? Should I get a V20 just to make sure (I assume it is a more powerful pump)?
    - The shaft going into the front of the tractor is damaged - how do I order the correct shaft with the correct teeth and length? Is there some kind of kit that couples the tractor side/teeth and the shaft on a new pump? Can find tons of websites on vane pumps, but not how to couple it into the tractor.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Default Re: Help with front-end loader pump

    Look on the Eaton (Vickers owner) website for the distributor in your area. If they are close enough for you to take the pump in, they can identify it by the dimensions.

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