Here's a recap with some updated info. need help in making this decision.

ok.. vehicle is an 04 f250 6.0 psd, 150k miles crew cab, 4wd, short bed.

payloader backed into front

needs radiator, and 2 large coolers with rad, shroud, fan, front grill assy, including both headlamp and turn signal assy's.. plus the folded piece the hood latches too, evap and lines, plus the aluminum turbo line. right front quarter panel nose is bent in so needs body work or repalce.

have thus far been unable to find good hits on parts.

found an out of the way but local yard today.. 2 interesting options.

1, has a stripped front clip with just rad and 1 large cooler, fan shroud and headlamp only assy.. no turn sigs. 300$

that's cheaper than retail so far..

2, yard has a running 04 f250 6.0psd, 259k miles, extra cab, long bed, 2wd, "suposedly" had engine work done on it at some point ( yeah? maybee? ). 2 good tires.. 2 fair tires.. looks to be an ex dot truck with hiviz white/red striping on it. bed has some damage from where it looks likethey had an overhead sign rack bolted to it.

starts right up.. no smoke.. accels good.. engine sounds good.

interior is rough.. seats ragged.. dusty inside.. econ radio, fuse panel cover missing, runs / drives.


i have no basis for comparison vs the individual parts we need.. but sound slike 3500$ may buy a parts machine for us? has a good front grill and hlamp / turn signal assy.. and all the coolers and ac parts... then we'd have a good spare engine, trans and rear end.. etc to store?

are the individual salvage parts we need gonna const more than the 3500$ this truck does?