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    Default Ford 1920 electrical trouble

    The tractor was running great until some mice decided to make a nest on top of the fuel tank and chew some wires (I hope they're constipated). I bought a new circuit board and wiring harness for the instrument panel. I commented to the dealer that it didn't match the original exactly, but he said that is all New Holland has for my tractor.

    I replaced the parts, installed the instrument panel, turned the gauges or warning lights work, but when I turned on the headights, the panel lights up. I checked the fuses and one was blown, replaced the fuse, as soon as I turned the key to the "on" position I heard the fuse pop. I then put the old parts back on...same thing. The tractor only has 3 fuses and am almost certain it is the fuse for the "quick start timer and alternator regulator circuit."

    What is a quick start timer?
    Is the alternator regulator internal to the alternator?
    Can I test those items before spending more money?

    I disconeccted the instrument panel from the main wiring harness, turned the key and the fuse didn't blow. That leads me to think the problem is in the panel, but how to trace it out?

    Any ideas and help greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Ford 1920 electrical trouble

    I dont' know your tractor but I'll bet the problem lies in the connector......IOWs the two harnesses are not a match.

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    Default Re: Ford 1920 electrical trouble

    Or another wire that the mice chewed somewhere that you haven't found yet, creating a dead short and blowing the fuse.

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