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    Default Ford 1920 Circuit board

    Anyone know what the function of the printed circuit board on a ford 1920? Would it prevent the tractor from starting? I tested the key switch and neutral safety switch and they checkout ok.

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    Default Re: Ford 1920 Circuit board

    Does the starter crank engine? If so do you see smoke (color)?

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    No, won't crank at all and nothing is lit up all switches ohm out fine the only place where I have broken wires is behind the dashboard where the harness plugs in a mouse got at the wires there a few years ago and I repaired them best as i could. So I was wondering if that has anything to do with the starting circuit?

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    Default Re: Ford 1920 Circuit board

    Look for a fusible link on the starter. Many tractors have one at the post where the Pos battery cable attaches to the solenoid. Usually a red wire with a small white plastic shell. This is the point where all power to swithes and gauges originates. If this blows, nothing on the panel works, but if the battery and cables are good, you can jump the start terminal on the starter solenoid and it will crank.

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