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    Default Re: To Bleed or Not To Bleed ???

    I sure hate it when I'm wrong.

    You folks were right all along. It's all working now. line re routed, everything back together. Need to split some old water hose & clamp it on the rub points & I be done.

    Thank all of you.
    ::"I STARTED out with nothing....I still have most of it."

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    Default Re: To Bleed or Not To Bleed ???

    Good news Crash


    Bolt On Grab Hooks, Weld On Grab Hooks, Specialty Chain and Rigging Accessories, Specialty Hydraulic Components, and MUCH more!

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    Default Re: To Bleed or Not To Bleed ???

    Awesome thread everyone. As a city guy moved to the county w/ a kubota tractor, backhoe, loder package I just replaced my first hose on the backhoe. Made me think of my 69 Olds 455 w/ 4 wheel standard shoe brakes. and I became very adept and bleeding. I was about to go make a mess and I think I know just to connect and go! Thanks everyone for a awesome forum! I could not fix the stuff I have with out you.
    JJ Countryguy (I keep trying anyway).
    Ohhh- And my wife is the same- classic city girl. So she became a bit distrssed when I started grabing uncut fire wood sections to prop and jackstand a dissasemmbled Backhoe. I told here Welcome to farming mechanics & repair 101. She game me that look guys. :-) anyway, She is now quite happy w/ the $500 we saved from the dealer repair est. Love it!~ going to dig by Dinner time. GB And stay safe.

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    Default Re: To Bleed or Not To Bleed ???

    The big difference between a tractor's self-bleeding hydraulic system and a car's non-self-bleeding brakes is that on a tractor the hydraulic fluid is constantly in motion, and the return fluid (oil & trapped air) dumps into a large sump where the air can escape from the oil.

    On a car, the air bubble is trapped between the master-cylinder and the brake-cylinders in a system that sees very little fluid movement. When you press on the brake pedal, the fluid and the bubble are being forced away from the master-cylinder reservoir; therefore the bubble doesn't have an opportunity to float to the top and escape into the reservoir.
    Paraphrasing Douglas Adams - So long and thanks for all the bacon.

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