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    Default Compressor Motor Question

    Okay, I致e included schematic of what I think is correct. I知 hoping someone with single phase motor knowledge will concur or tell me where I知 wrong. My question is, are the two start and two run capacitors wired in series with each other. I guessing that in series they boost the voltage. The motor drives a shop compressor and was running for many years. Then quit and I found tripped circuit breaker. I致e had the capacitors tested the motor windings megger tested by a motor shop, all tested good. I致e since cleaned the stationary contacts on the centrifugal switch cleaned the flyweights. I replaced the bearings while I had it apart. I need to make this run again. I tried to remember how the original wiring was but my notes were not correct so I had to start all over to wire up the capacitors and the motor shop was pretty tight lipped about providing wiring information. Thank you. bjr
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    Default Re: Compressor Motor Question

    can you provide all nameplate information or maybe a picture of the nameplate of motor.

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    Default Re: Compressor Motor Question

    does the motor name-plate specify the value for required start & run winding caps ?
    and the caps you have should be labeled as to mfd.
    connecting caps in series halves the resultant capacitance,
    connecting caps in parallel, the resultant capacitance is the sum of the 2 individual caps.

    should be able to figure it out easily then.
    I would bet on them being in series.


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    Default Re: Compressor Motor Question

    Using my UGLYS referance book of '87 Edition page 78 states.
    Note The most important part of any motor is the name plate.
    Check the data given on the plate before making the connections.
    Your diagram looks like a "Y" or star connection
    And I follow the wiring until you come up with a T7 ?
    Typical 220 volt connection is L1 to T1&T5 L2 to T2 & T8 for Clockwise Rot.
    CCW Exchange T5 and T8 Now this is what your print looks like.
    The capacitors from T4 T5 connection point to caps. to Centrifugal switch (CS) to maybe T7 one side of start winding winding to T8.
    Does the motor try to run or start. just grunts. The ball of smoke may be costly.

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    Default Re: Compressor Motor Question

    Yes, according to the wiring diagram that you attached they are wired in series. Doing so doubles the peak voltage that they put out, just like wiring two 12 volt batteries in series gives you 24 volts. Be careful to note the orientation of the run capacitors, as the diagram indicates that they are polarized.

    However, if this is *not* the right wiring diagram for your motor, all bets are off.

    Good luck!

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