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    Default my Cub 5234 D is braking left and right

    Hi this is my first post. I don't know were to begin but here goes. In the last few months every thing on my Cub is breaking I will list all the problems in the order that they failed and maybe you can help me with them one by one. And no I can't afford a new tractor. #1 My low range quit working, it now only stays in high range. #2 The dif lock quit working. #3 Four wheel drive quit working. #4 And the hydraulics have been getting weaker as time goes on. Meaning you can now kill the motor going up to steep a hill and the loader that once could pick up a big snap-on roll box as a hard time picking up a bucket of snow. Everything moves very slow even empty. And yes I changed fluid and filters. By the way Cub Cadet is of no help they act like they want nothing to do with this tractor they made. I did buy it new and it has only 150 hours on it.. Any help would be great. Thanks.

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    Sounds like you need to test your hydraulic pressure. The hydraulic pump could be going out. You can buy a gauge and make a tester that will just plug into your auxiliary quick connect. Then activate it and see what it says. I am assuming that your fluids are good and you have changed the filter first.

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    Default Re: my Cub 5234 D is braking left and right

    Unfortunately, I can't help on the hydraulics, but I would check with your dealer to see if this a problem with other ones, then file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau !
    The driveshaft on mine snapped off at 300 hours, then again today at 530. The first time I took in it to the dealer, he had already fixed four of them, so I used that to convince CC to own up to their POS design. The dealer himself agreed it wasn't' the best thing they ever made, I should have EBayed it as they suggested.
    If the dealer can't fix it, try a transmission shop maybe - good luck.

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    Default Re: my Cub 5234 D is braking left and right

    I have heard that those tractors were not very reliable.

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