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    Default 384 IH rolls over but won't start...

    384 IH started fine and I let it warm up for about ten minutes. I put it in gear and it went about ten feet, and died. I had used it the day before for about 3 hours without any problems, so I don't think its the fuel. Not even getting a puff of smoke out of it. The injector pump and one of the injectors is wet with fuel, however I don't know if this is fresh or something I just hadn't noticed. Not familiar with deisel engines so any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Default Re: 384 IH rolls over but won't start...

    The CAV DPA pump on these machines need a good flow of fuel, far more than just for injection the problem will probably be a blocked fuel system, a diesel needs a lot more fuel flowing through the system than that required for fuelling the motor, check the fuel lines and fuel tap, change the fuel filter.Also inspect all lines, hoses and joints for any air ingress which can stop the engine from running.

    As its a CAV rotary pump and you have checked all of the above, the bleeding sequence is quite important 1/ bleed the fuel through the filter, then 2/ through the 'top' pump bleed screw, then 3/ the bleed screw on the pump body, then 4/ the pipes at the injectors, start the tractor and 5/ back off the pump body bleed screw for 5 seconds or so to ensure that all the air is bled, otherwise the tractor will refuse to start next time!

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