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    Default Kubota L3710HSTC problem

    Hi everyone!
    I am new on this forum, I just bought a 2001 kubota L3710HSTC tractor with a L682 Loader on it, It have 880Hrs on it and i thinks i have a some problem with it, i'll explain:

    When i start the tractor (at -15C), i turn the ignition switch on, the glow plug lite for 4-5sec and after that they turn off, i crank the engine and it take about 10-15sec to start.
    when the engine start, there's a lot of black smoke for 2-3sec and after, the engine idle very well and respond to the trottle perfectly.

    I think that the glow plug dont have the time to get hot enough in 4-5 sec at that temperature, is there a way to make them lite longer or it is always 4-5 sec??

    The tractor hydraulic and hydrostatic are working good but it is making a strange noise (weird whining or buzzing noise of some kind) coming from somewhere around the hydrostatic unit when i release the clutch (without moving and touching the speed pedal)

    The sound is similar to an hydraulic pump running on relief BUT

    The hydraulic for the loader work well and have power and speed.
    The hydrostatic trans work very well in every range and reverse.
    The 3 point work well too at any position and have the power it is supposed to have.
    Hydraulic fluid is Full.
    The tractor is working well but this noise is loud and anoying.

    If any of you have saw something like that before, it would be nice to know what could cause that noise.

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    Default Re: Kubota L3710HSTC problem

    I'll start with the glow plugs.....
    When its colder, a lot of us cycle the glow plugs 2 or 3 times to get them nice and toasty. That usually helps to get things started a bit quicker and easier. Turn the key on....wait until the light goes off, turn the key off, then back on again. Just like the back of your shampoo bottle, wash, rinse, repeat. Haha

    The whirring noise could be your throwout bearing. What is your clutch adjustment like? Fairly loose?
    The forums are a great place to find information....but also a great place to find speculation. Only you can determine the real problems with your tractor. We're here to help you find the correct way to do it.

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