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    Default John Deere 5055E Oil Leaking???

    I have a newer John Deere 5055E. Recently, I've been working in some pretty dusty conditions and pulled the hood to have a gander at oil and coolant levels. I noticed that, while a newer tractor, the coolant levels had diminished quite a bit in 25-hours. Also noticed that there was oil around EVERY seal on the tractor. I was wondering if this was something that's "normal" for the newer tractors????? or do I need my dealer to c'mon over and have a gander at this thing? Also, is it normal for the unit to consume roughly a 1/2 gallon of coolant in 25-hours of operation - at least when it's first new?

    I'm more just wondering if I'm being paranoid, or if there's something seriously wrong with this just off the assembly line?



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    Default Re: John Deere 5055E Oil Leaking???

    Coolant should never be consumed. Did you check it warm or cold though? Remember, it's going to "fill up" a bit as it gets warmer.

    As far as oil leaks, I would clean it off, run it for a bit, and see what yuo find. I could see some oil in areas like that during assembly, but it shouldn't continue to leak. Worth a wipedown and then re-check after an hour or so.
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