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    Default kubota electrical connectors

    I have a Kubotabota L3240 compact tractor. I'm trying to connect some LED lights to the tractor. I found there are three green connectors behind the rear seat that I can use to connect to from searching the forums. I want to be able to connect directly to the connectors without having to splice the wires. Is there a way to buy these connectors, or to be more particular the male end of them. I'm sure kubota do not manufacture these connectors but simply buy them from some supplier. Anyone knows how I should be able to get some? If needed, I posted the picture of the connectors on the Internet. I phoned the dealership and they are only willing to sell me the entire Kubota lights which already include the connector. Does anybody know how many amps of 12 V power these connectors are designed to supply?kubota electrical connectors-img-20130102-00028-jpg

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    Default Re: kubota electrical connectors

    The harness connects to the 10 amp fuse under the seat. I was never able to find a connector for sale that just connects up to it but some of the older Toyotas (80s and maybe 90s) used the same connector so I found one that would work in a junkyard. These connectors look like they may work but it's hard to tell from just a picture.
    Metra 72 9301 729301 Speaker Connector for Select Toyota Mitsubishi Vehicles | eBay
    kubota electrical connectors-kgrhqv-hee6-unw42-bopv0uggyg-60_3-a
    The other option is to just use crimp on male spade connectors and wrap them well with electrical tape to keep them from disconnecting.
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    Default Re: kubota electrical connectors

    If you clean off the connectors and use a magnifying glass you may be able to find a manufacturer name like " AMP" or "MOLEX" etc!!

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    Default Re: kubota electrical connectors

    Like to thank everybody for their input. I was just about to go to my local pick your part auto recycler to see if I could scrounge a few of these connectors from an old Toyota or possibly even order from the link provided. But it seems when I phoned the original dealer he told me that I could only buy the entire worklight which plugs into those connectors. Since I want to install a light bar instead, rated at 72 W, I only wanted the connectors and he says you cannot buy them separately. What I just found another dealership in the area and he's telling me that the wiring harness is sold separately. I ordered the wiring harness with the wire and then I'm just going to splice into those wires. I do not mind splicing into the harness as it's very easily replaceable. I just don't like splicing into the original tractor wiring as it is much harder to replace. It's definitely not the cheapest solution, but it will work for me to my satisfaction. The dealer actually sold the worklight for less than just a light bar alone. But I do not think these worklight can provide the illumination that I can get from this light bar. The light bar I ordered is of the flood type facing the rear of the tractor for snow removal on my backward facing snowblower as well as attaching implements at night. I don't need the range, I just need areawide illumination.I was unable to find any sort of markings on those connectors from every single angle.


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    Default Re: kubota electrical connectors

    I found that a # 14 spade (male) connector fit perfectly into the female part. I just taped the outside. I has been sitting outside for three years with no issues. You do not need to spend anything on any special connectors. I was surprised how easy it was to just use what I had laying around the shop.

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